Stepper motor SX17-1005VLQCEF

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€ 12,34

Description: Stepper motor 1005VLQCEF 3D printer with a torque of 0.52N and NEMA 17.

Product code: 00205

Manufacturer: Microcon

Stepper motor with lead screw- 320mm

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€ 39,70

Description: Stepper motor with integrated lead screw to move the z axis. It is ideal for upgrade printer Prusa I3. The big advantage is the elimination of linking engine and sliding bars and potential problems with calibration. Additionally, lead screw…

Product code: 00244

Description: The driver stepper motor for 3D printer DRV8825 for the electronics RAMPS 4.1 This is a new version that is quieter. The driver can do 32 microsteps.

Product code: 27

Manufacturer: Microcon

Stepper motor SX17-1003LQCEF

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Description: Stepper motor with torque 0,3Nm and flange NEMA 17.

Product code: 25

Manufacturer: Microcon